As The Candle Melts Away

you are like the ground
collect my thoughts and
my emotions just like the earth -
droplets for the spring

you lead everything i am
you lead everything i got
through and out of the dark
into the overflowin' light

a long time i've been
wandering through decades
spent the time (that) was given to me
not known - the target

oh, you can't find the right way
but then you've shown it to me
as you always say
"there is a straight way" - so why

does the candle melt away
as the candle melts away

you always say
"there are friends to trust on"
you just say
"if there's triumph of lies
truth bestowes the end"

slowly i start to believe
all your words - so could i live
on without them
oh - when there's no unite with my mind

as the candle melts away
as the candle melts away

thoughts - agony - make me walk around
wandering in fear 'bove the unknown ground
start to release there's no way to turn
hopelessness fills my life without you ...

you made me pray again
without a real sense
you made me trust you bitch
don't believe the things i did

now i can praise the lord
everytime you're not with me
now that i know the truth
sleep well in eternity

now that you left no trace
can't look in your (fu**in') face
wish that you won't pass my way
now this candle melts away

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